Custom Kitchen  with a concrete countertop.

We build custom kitchen from scratch: we take care of the renovation ex.: enlarging an opening, creating a new opening, taking wall(s) down and ripping up floors. The same people who are building your kitchen are doing the renovation (no sub-contractors here!). We use only licensed electricians and plumbers. We are one phone call away for your kitchen.     

Above: enlarging an opening.

We totally strenghtened the wall by putting plywood all along and 4x4 posts.

Totally stripped down and ready for new electrical to be installed.

Rebuilt, added insulation to R-30.

New large opening, gyproc up. The kitchen is on the north side but with this opening it added a major amount of sunlight. 

All new plumbing and new electrical ready to receive new cabinets.



Steel rebars and forms were made to frame in concrete. Notice the bump out. You cannot do this with granite.

Preparation for the new concrete countertop on the island.


After the polishing, the storm is over. Let's do the finishing touches.