Custom Home Theatre Room samples

 I did not build the rooms below however they act as guidelines to help with your decision so that you can come up with your own custom room.

  This is what you can turn 4 walls into. The fastest growing room that will be renovated in the next five years, will be home theatre. The reason for that is video equipment and stereo equipment are just dropping in price. Call us, we have been there right from the beginning

For a sample of our expertise, read below. 

How do you want your next entertainment cabinet  and speaker to be built?

In a  custom shop with a craftsman.  

  This is what we've come up with for a subwoofer


The biggest complaint in home theatre is: ''Where do I put the subwoofer black box?'' You can't put it in a wall unit it'll shake the unit then you try to find a corner in a room and there just doesn't seem to be a corner suitable.

We've come up with the answer.

The subwoofer weighs 320 lbs. and is triple walled sealed in order to capture the low frequencies which represented the biggest challenge and where other subwoofers have failed.

Many film special effects are extremely demanding in the low frequency range. They require the reproduction of long, drawn-out rumbling bass sounds for earthquakes, explosions and dinosaur footsteps. Subwoofers can reproduce these sounds that few full-range speakers can handle well. Furthermore, subwoofers can actually protect and enhance the performance of your existing full-range speakers. They filter out the low frequencies and pass through only the higher frequencies so your full-range speakers don�t have to struggle to reproduce the high wattage bass signals.

The subwoofer is just a small example of our expertise.


   This  series range will fulfill every demand for deep clean    bass reproduction like active THX and Dolby Digital subwoofer applications

  • Made out of solid cherry

  • Triple wall sealed design

  • Handmade craftsmanship

  • 12 Coats of polyurethane polished

  • Can be proudly displayed

  • Down firing

  • Virtually unrecognizable as a audio unit

  • Something for everyone in the home

  • To get the most out of home theatres a subwoofer is essential

  • High performance audio equipment

  • Weighing in at 320 lbs. (not a typing mistake)

  • 200 watts @ 4ohm (0.03% THD)

  • Frequency Response 20-100hz

  • Sensitivity 88db

  • Width 19 inches, Height 23 inches, Length 30 inches

  • 10 inch driver with a 10 inch passive 


Front view





Back view with

built in 200 watt amp.

Bottom view with


speakers made in Denmark



Above: we do built-in speakers and all interior are well thought-out