Concrete Countertops


 Yes, we design and install.

When craftsmen create countertops from the material, it looks nothing like a sidewalk and its growing in popularity. 

Forget granite. To be on the cutting edge of kitchen design, you need to think concrete. 

Yes, it is the stuff of sidewalks, house foundations and bridges. But thanks to modern chemistry, concrete also has become a sophisticated material used for custom kitchen and bath counter tops, shower enclosures, sinks, bathtubs and even furniture.

Granite and other stones have become more commonplace in high-end homes, so much so that its almost expected.

To the uninitiated, concrete sounds cold and heavy". But it can be a warm natural-looking material that works well with wood, stone or brick. The taupe-green color teams easily with dark wood floors, white walls and stainless steel appliances for an ultra contemporary look. But with the right color blend, concrete can work with just about any design look.

All concrete forms leave no room for tolerance for errors. It is a perfect match using a cabinetmaker. Kevin Dunphy has been there from the beginning with 14 years experience, his is the only shop specialising in concrete countertops in Newfoundland and the only shop being successful at it.

Part of the success is knowing how to polish which was learned in polishing aircraft interiors which was a smooth transition into concrete. The marriage of concrete and wood is undeniably   stunning.



Color Chart 


















Above chess board was designed and built by Kevin Dunphy. 


No seams! This was poured on site over 30 feet of countertop and no seams. All one smooth piece and highly polished. A magnificent look.   


Water fall pour on site



A form ready to be poured.

                                                                                          After the pour
no seams. You can't do that with
More of my concrete work. The polishing is my secret.


Above kitchen with concrete countertops sitting on cherry cabinets. Designed and built by Kevin Dunphy

I am polishing a concrete countertop with legs. I was hired by another concrete company in Montreal to build the forms. My expertise and experience were called upon for this complicated form. I rose to the challenge. No concrete challenge is too great for me.   

These forms have to be extremely precise. It is a perfect match for a cabinetmaker.


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