Home and Cabin spring 2015 cover  We been featured in the Spring 2015 Home and Cabin.Click here to read 


We've been featured in the January 2015 issue of FDMC a US cabinetmaking magazine covers the entire range of the woodworking market, from smaller shops to production plants, with an emphasis on best practices in management, production, materials and design. Emphasis on "How to be an expert in Woodworking!" Click here to read more
New island design  

This is the time of year to decide what to do with your house. Building a new house can be expensive, kitchen renovations are a less costly alternative which add value to your home.  see example 1 , and example 2

If you're thinking of selling your home, don't settle for just any kitchen; our one of a kind kitchens have proven to help sell homes quicker. We provide custom kitchens designed to meet our customers' needs and we're excited to work for you!

3 samples below

House sold in less than 2 months

House sold in less than 24 hrs and 30,000$ over  from asking price

House sold in less than 2 months

We now sell granite.

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New style, modern, clean. Reflecting the clients'  taste

This year, we've come up with 3 original island designs. They are the heart of the home

We've been featured in the 2013 Winter edition of East Coast Living about home theatres and wall units, read more.

We've been featured in the 2012 Spring edition of Home & Cabin magazine Click here to read more.